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Build with passion

At Ignite Construction, our goal is to make imagination a reality.

For over a decade, Ignite Construction has been building its reputation as a trusted renovation contractor in Richmond, BC.

As a renovation contractor in Richmond, they know that common renovations include but are not limited to bathrooms, kitchens, wall removal, addition of rooms, exterior fascia repairs, wood rot damage repairs, updates or maintenance of exterior building envelope, office renovations, home additions, City permitted work, and professional Engineering and Architectural projects.

Build with passion

Renovation Contractors Richmond
As a renovation contractor, Ignite Construction has facilities in North, Central and South Richmond to support their Construction operation. In construction, having the infrastructure or a base of operations to support projects allows for more consistency, scheduling, and work quality. Ignite Construction works together with material suppliers, custom fabrication factories and material showrooms to provide sustainable, consistent and quality construction projects.

When sourcing or selecting a Construction Contracting Firm, clients should evaluate how long the business has been in operation, its reputation, and its professional coverages, including liability insurance, Work Safe clearance standing and City or Municipal business licensing. Never hesitate to ask for a referral. Your residence or property is probably your most valuable asset so it makes sense to be confident with the renovation contractor you choose to work with. If you are motivated to begin building your custom project, feel free to contact Ignite with your details and ideas at . They would be honoured to assist you with your Construction requirements.

Mission Statement

We provide industry-leading services built with precision construction building technology and science. This ethos is at the heart of all of our projects.

Our team consistently delivers top-tier results through teamwork, open communication, consistency and a commitment to detail.

When you choose Ignite Construction, you’re choosing precision, professionalism and passion. Our mission is to deliver your desired construction on time with an unparalleled level of integrity, efficiency and craftsmanship.


Our team of  Construction Managers, Skilled Tradesman and Construction Assistants provide the following services to residential customers.

Main operation services & construction science of focus.

Complete home

Bathroom-standing showers & bathtubs.

Repairs-wood frame, structural, water, fire & flood.

Kitchens, garages, closets & custom home areas.

Home additions-design
& build.

Specialty projects, offices & commercial environments.

Technically Specific Operations

  • Creation of structural engineering and architectural drawings
  • Structural repairs for wood and concrete
  • Designing and building custom homes
  • Complete or partial renovations for all areas of the home
  • Updating, retrofitting and repairing bathrooms or kitchens
  • Custom carpentry services (finishing, repairs and modifications)
  • Exterior renovation and repair services (Structural framing, fascia, sheathing, membranes, joint and seam sealing, deck design and fences)
  • Fencing installation, repairs and maintenance
  • Plumbing installation, renovation or retrofitting
  • Electrical installation, repair, updating or retrofitting

  • Roof installation, repairs and maintenance
  • Ageing in place services to fit homes for elder safety
  • Heritage building maintenance
  • Professional Craft Building Complete Home, Townhouse and Condominium Renovations
  • Specializing in Carpentry, Repairs, Bathrooms, Kitchens, tile installation and water damage repair
  • Rough and Finishing construction including but not limited to building envelope, exterior fascia, structural framing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roof systems, membranes and decks
  • Local market sourced materials
  • Industry Supply Construction Science and Technology grade and proven materials, fixtures and equipment
  • Team Experience in the Greater Vancouver Construction Industry of over 50 Years


If you need residential services not listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out via email to discuss your project. Please include if possible pictures, existing issues or conditions, and intended scope of work.


Ignite Construction services all of the following commercial locations

Offices, retail, lobbies & hotels.

Public & employee washrooms.

Financial, medical, retail, corporate & IT office spaces.


Restaurant front-end and back-end operation spaces.

Automotive showrooms &
repair facilities.

Manufacturing spaces & production rooms.

Education centres & care facilities.

Commercial entrances, loading docks & parking lots.

Additionally, we can assist with architectural design, security system plans and environmental controls. Contact us with project specifics to find out how we can help your unique situation. Please include if possible pictures, existing issues or conditions, and intended scope of work.

Client Testimonial

The highest compliment our team receives is the testimonial of a satisfied client. You can find reviews of our services on Google Business listings, our Facebook Business page, Homestars and Yelp.

Renovation Addition. Design and Build. Commercial Concrete Structure.

I am writing this review on behalf of my parents as English is not their first language. Frank helped my parents renovate their office warehouse. They needed a second level office and mezzanine that required engineering, drawings and a permit from the city of Richmond. When they could not understand some of the processes and costs,. Frank took the time to explain in detail, speaking to them in Chinese Mandarin and clarifying with me and my brother in English if he felt that he could not explain properly in Chinese. Their permit passed and they have been very pleased with Ignite Constructions work and staff. Noting that the quality of installation, materials, and construction organisation impressed them. Our family is glad to have found this company and their very nice staff.

– Justin Liu

Water Damage to Structural Framing. Residential Wood Frame. Single Detached Home.

We had some water damage in one garage wall after a bad renovation job from a previous contractor. We called Frank, and he was extremely responsive and professional and showed up on time to look at our problem and provide a quote.

We then chose Frank and Ignite as we felt they were knowledgeable and would follow through and fix the problem properly. His team was very thorough and checked other suspect areas in the garage and discovered significant water damage that had gone undetected from our deck above which was a huge shock to us!

Our initial job to repair one wall then turned into a full rebuild of the front of the garage and the deck. Throughout this, Frank and his team explained everything to us clearly and delivered a great result. The front of our house now looks modern and new and will probably outlast the rest of it.

I would recommend Frank and the Ignite team as reliable and very professional and they will do the job right the first time.

Thank you Ignite team for saving us from a very stressful situation.

– Bing Lim

Commercial Retail Store Renovation Entranceway. Commercial Wood Frame. Commercial Building.

Frank and the team at Ignite have worked on several projects for both my business and my condo building. The process of working with them was polite and professional and they did an excellent job. They rebuilt the entire entryway of the 120 year old commercial building with limited disruption to the public and the business. They were polite and worked quickly to allow business to return to normal and to my complete satisfaction.
Excellent company to entrust all your building projects! 100% recommend

Beth McKercher

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