Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms & Washrooms Renovation

Bathrooms and Washrooms are used routinely and regularly in Residential and Commercial buildings. They are precisely built, material intensive and are usually tailored to suit the needs of the structure and patrons.

Standard bathrooms function well but custom and need based bathrooms display design, modern fixtures, welcoming lighting and are more enjoyable to experience. Most mid to high end buildings, structures, and dwellings are built with focus and design based on the purposes for the end user. As a result they have to be built to be functional, easily accessible, well lit, be a controlled water environment and designed to be hygienic or maintainable for cleaning.

It is one of the few spaces in the structure that requires several specialty trades to become fully operational including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, ventilation/ exhausting, and heating.

Tiling, cabinetry, solid surface countertops, LED lighting, toiletry hardware, custom glass and mirrors finish the walls and floors to complete this custom area. Beyond the finishing surfaces, the deconstructed core structure has to have a water shielding membrane to prevent water from penetrating the core structure or diverting to areas where it will be detrimental to the structure. Having the core structure exposed provides an opportunity to upgrade and relocate core utility locations like electrical, plumbing, ventilation and to upgrade or modify structural framing and mounting positions. Upgrades and modifications locations can be properly evaluated and installed once the core structure is visible for inspection. Retro fitment of new services and functions are only possible on complete renovation projects.

Most homes and structures a decade or older will require updating or refinishing due to the high usage hours and wet environment that bathrooms and washrooms experience. Refinishing is essentially the resealing and evaluation of ventilation to continue to handle a high moisture and water channeling or draining environment. Flooring and water resistant material such as tile, solid stone surfaces, melamine cabinets, metal finishes and vinyl need to be replaced, repaired or coated to properly channel, divert, and control moisture and water.

Painting with bathroom specific paint also helps to control mould, water penetration, and allows the area to evaporate and dissipate water after usage. Proper preparation, planning, experience and troubleshooting are required to ensure that the core construction behind the fascia are executed professionally and done correctly. Having an experienced, insured and licensed general contracting firm/ project management Company working on your bathroom and washroom projects is always the right place to start.


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